Banana Milk Diet – Weight loss Program

In today’s world, over weight is a major problem faced by various people and people go through drastic workouts and diet to overcome the weight problem. The best option to shed extra pounds would be to keep changing diet plans. One such weight loss program which has gained popularity is Banana Milk Diet. If you want to lose your weight quickly, you should definitely try the Banana Milk Diet.

This is a latest weight loss program which claims to help shed pounds without getting involved in rigorous exercises along with the freedom of having the foods of your choice.

Banana Milk Diet

Benefits of Banana Milk Diet

This diet plan does have some advantages, thanks to the nutritional nature of both skim milk and bananas. Skim milk does not contain fat. It contains lots of protein. The protein can help you feel highly satisfied for a long time. Moreover, Bananas contain lots of potassium, which can stabilize your iron and blood pressure to build the hemoglobin in the blood. Potassium aids the kidneys by curing bloating and decreasing the risk of kidney disease.

  • This diet plan is so simple to follow and does not need any particular equipments etc.
  • You don’t need to do the rigorous workouts and exercises. You have the flexibility of taking your favorite foods, as getting into any other weight loss program creates a mental trauma that you need to stay away from your favorite meal.

How to use Banana Milk weight loss program?

This weight loss program is as follows:

  • You need to consume bananas (1 or more) in the breakfast.
  • You can take any food in the lunch time, only desserts must be avoided.
  • In the evening, you can again consume a banana.
  • You should have any food of your choice at the dinner time.

Note– It would be more effective if you take a banana with milk in your dinner or lunch as having a healthy food at lunch or dinner time will provide you the effective results. You may also have coffee or tea in place of milk.

Banana Milk Diet Side effects

In banana milk diet is missing some elements like copper, zinc, iron and vitamin. In some cases, such as menstrual period this program, it is not recommended. And also, you need to take during the diet program vitamins and mineral supplements. This weight loss program is lacking in various important vitamins and nutrients and should not be followed without the addition of a multivitamin.

Even if the fat-free milk and bananas have some minerals and vitamins, some important elements are missing. Therefore, this diet plan is not suggested for a long period of time. The ideal time period for this diet is under 4 days, and you may lose around four kilos in this period. So, try banana milk diet!!

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