Coconut Oil to treat Head Lice

When anyone in your family or your kids get head lice, then it means that you are on receiving end of the constant nagging of scratching or suffering. Having head lice can be a daunting aspect in your life and even for your loved ones. But there are remedies or you can say a remedy to cope up with this trouble and that is coconut oil.

The coconut oil is an effective and natural treatment which has got no harsh chemicals. It can make your hair beautiful and strong without causing any damage or infection to your hair. Coconut oil is always considered as semisolid fat or fatty oil which is extracted from the pulp of fresh coconuts. It is commonly used in food products and making soaps. There are various uses of coconut oil and it is commonly used in medicine, food and other industry as it has got high content of saturated fat, thereby making it slow in oxidizing and creating a resistant for rancidification.

coconut oil treat head lice

Coconut Oil Usage in Treating Head Lices

Coconut oil has got natural properties which is quite effective in treating head lices. Basically, the fatty contents present in the coconut oil remains on the lices and hair even after washing. The lices get suffocated because of the contents present in the coconut and it really makes it harder for these pests to have a grip on the hair or scalp.

In addition, the lubricating character of the coconut oil is the main reason on how the lices never or stop from living or laying eggs on your hair. It simply stops the basic movement of the lice and even prevents to some of the lices from multiplying as the oily characteristics would not allow the irritating creatures or lice to multiply as the oily characteristics won’t allow it to happen. In addition, it prevents the little creatures from getting attached to their eggs or easily nits related to hair.

It is important to note that coconut oil is quite effective in taking care of the infection of head  as it is one of the best plans to avoid any kind of re-infestation or normal infestation.

Methods in Using Coconut Oil for Lices

  • The first thing that you need to do is take some coconut oil and gently massage the hair and scalp of yours.
  • Once that is done, then you need to take a louse deduction comb. Make the comb pass through the scalps and the ends of the hair.
  • Using the coconut oil remedy would definitely dispose off the various lices present in the hair and once you comb the hair regularly i.e. at least twice a day, you can get rid of the lices.

The above given steps are the best means to get rid of the lices and ticks which make your hair and head as their humble abode.

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