How to get rid of Tonsil Stones

Tonsils are made of tissue, which contains lymphocytes — cells in the human body that fight with the infections.  Tonsils play a vital role in the immune system of human body and are meant to role like nets, confining incoming virus as well as bacteria particles which are passing through the individual’s throat. Tonsil stones are commonly found in teens and those people who has large tonsils.

how to get rid of tonsil stones

Causes of Tonsil Stones or Tonsilloliths

Tonsils are filled with crannies and nooks where bacteria and other materials such as mucous and dead cells, may become trapped. When this occurs, the debris (it occurs in pockets) may become concentrated in the white formations.

Tonsilloliths are formed when the trapped debris calcifies, or hardens. Tonsil stones are commonly found  in folks who have repeated bouts of tonsillitis or chronic inflammation in their tonsils.

Symptoms of Tonsil Stones

  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Bad breath
  • Tonsil swelling
  • Sore throat
  • White debris
  • Ear pain

Learn how to get rid of this tonsil stones or tonsilloliths, here are a few home remedies for tonsil stones.

Home Remedies For Tonsil Stones


Eating few raw garlic cloves have been recognized  to rid of  stones naturally. You need to chew a  garlic for few days.


You can eat unsweetened and organic yogurt in order to remove tonsil stones. Eating yogurt will help cleanse away the bacteria which is responsible for tonsils.


It is a natural remedy to take  rid of the tonsil stones.  Before using cotton swabs, you should wet both ends of cotton in order  to make it easier on the tonsils. You should practice in front of a mirror and use a torchlight  to find the stones. Apply the soaked cotton swabs to loosen the stones and then remove them smoothly from the tonsil walls.  Once you are done, you should use salt water for rinsing  your mouth or you can also use a good mouthwash for it.


It is one of the best  home remedies  for removing tonsil stones. It contains vitamin C, which will help to get rid of  your tonsil stones effectively.

Bring  a cup of warm water, and mix a few quantity of lemon juice in it. And add a few pinches of salt in lemon water and drink. Attempt to hold back your lemon juice swirling around the affected regions  around your tonsils before you swallow. Whenever you drink some of the solution,  try to hold it in your mouth for at least a  few minutes.


Eating  an apple is also an effective remedy for treating tonsil stones. Due  to the acidic content that apples possess, they are able to work as an astringent and help cleanse your teeth.


As we all know that eating carrots are really indispensable  for the eyes because of their beta-carotene content. However, carrots can help get rid of your tonsil stones. Carrot is an effective remedy   for removing tonsil stones. When you eat more veggies like carrots or celery,  it increases the flow of your spit, and this will remove a bacteria in your mouth that may be reason  stones to grow.


If you will eat raw onions,  it will good for your oral health and remove bacteria, because of their powerful anti-bacterial attributes.

You need to chew raw onions for at least 2 to 4 minutes every day. If you are suffering from bad breath problem,  you can eat onion.


Vinegar contains acid which will assist you to get rid of tonsillitis in your body. Apple cider vinegar is one of the best home remedies for  tonsil stones.


Vegetables play a vital role for our health. Also, eating vegetables are the best method for removing  tonsillitis. Their hard surface can scratch  away at tonsil stones,  get them out of your mouth altogether. You should eat  dozens of carrots,  green veggies and radishes for removing tonsil stone.


This oil helps  in treatment of tonsil stones in various ways.  It contains active ingredients which improve digestion as well as improve blood circulation,  and prevent the buildup of materials in the body.

It is also an antibacterial agent that wipes out  any underlying infection associated with the term.


Salt water is one of the best methods to get rid of buildup in the tonsils. Gargling with salt water helps cells and bacteria from the oral cavity. The salt also helps remove and prevent infection in our body.

You can as well as use a mouthwash, which is made for the purpose as an alternative to this method of salt and water.


 In a grapefruit there are many nutrients include like  vitamin C, fiber, potassium and pectin. These foods act together to save  your body from cellular damage and to prevent buildup of calcium in the arteries as well as the tonsils. This grapefruit seed extract  also serves as an antioxidant.


Essential oils are believed to be an effective natural remedy for tonsil stones because of their anti-inflammatory properties.

Bring your toothbrush and add some drops of the essential oil in it, use each day as you brush your teeth and tongue. You can likewise bring a  spray bottle for these essential oils and apply it by spraying it on the affected area.


It is recommended by health expert,  drink tea or hot water for removing tonsil stones fast. The heat generated inside the mouth helps the stones to arrive  up to the surface so that removing them becomes easier.


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