Health Benefits Of Horse Gram/Kulthi

For a person brought up in a fast paced urban setting, the day starts and ends with high calorific but nutrient deficient fast food. No wonder, a plethora of lifestyle related diseases infests our lives. But not to worry, with a whole lot of naturopathic home remedies available, all these diseases can be kept at bay!!! There are few things that we should adhere in order to get out of the lane of deficiency. For that track we have a lot of natural food habits to follow.

benefits of horse gram

Horse gram (also known as Kulthi (Hindi), Uluvalu (Telugu) and Kollu (Tamil) is a proteinaceous legume that had been traditionally used as an active ingredient in the daily diet. Religious symbolism and worship in South India associated with Horse gram, especially during festivals such as Nag Chaturthi, Vinayaka Chaturthi and Navratriensured a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Post Prandial Hyperglycemia is the increased presence of glucose in blood after a Carbohydrate rich meal that can lead to several complications of the cardiovascular system such as Heart attacks. With its specific enzymatic inhibition, Horse gram reduces the presence of glucose in blood. In addition, it also reduces the complications due to diabetes. There are a plenty of health benefits when we consume horse gram and UT balances our lifestyle in a major way.

Horse Gram also possesses prominent anti-oxidants such as flavonoids & polyphenols that reduce oxidative stress. With Oxidative stress being a direct cause of Inflammation; it acts as a very good remedy to numerous ailments such as Skin rashes, Arthritis and Ulcers.

In addition, Horse Gram has also been prescribed in Ayurveda for Weight loss and Fever. It is also used as a cure in case of Haemorrhoids due to its high fiber content. It has also been found to reduce problems arising due to excessive menstrual bleeding. Its use as a Phlegm extractor and thereby relieving cough has also been documented in the Ayurvedic texts.

Simple preparations of the Horse Gram given below provide relief from common maladies.

1. Add some Horse Gram to water and boil it. The boiled water brings down the fever.

2. Boil water with a few tablespoons of Horse Gram and grind it to a paste. Add a pinch of pepper and swallow. This serves as a medication against common cold, cough and sore throat.

3. Regular intake of Horse Gram can reduce the impact of numerous disorders such as Ulcers, Diabetes, Arthritis and Cardiovascular diseases.

It is recommended to consume the Horse Gram, as a raw food since the nutritional benefits present in its skin is lost in cooking.

Consuming Horse Gram as sprouts also minimizes the nutrient content.

Following these simple dietary habits regularly can indeed keep you in the pink of health!!!

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