Home Remedies for Bleeding Gums

Gums bleeding or inflammation is also known as gingivitis. Gingivitis is marked by bleeding of the gums and like most of the disease, it is easier to cure and heal in the primary and initial stages where the magnitude or intensity of the problem is only little. But if avoided or not taken care of properly, it may aggravate to a very painful level. Then it would be very difficult to save the entire dental system from collapsing!

home remedies for bleeding gums

Like discussed in the above paragraph, a lot of people nowadays suffer from bleeding of the gums. One of the best steps and one of the first and foremost steps to be taking is visiting a very good dentist. It is only a dentist who can correctly diagnose the problem and advise you to take further steps. He will cure your problem.

But people also say that bleeding can be cured naturally in a number of ways.

Home Remedies for Bleeding Gums

Intake of citric acid laden fruits (citrus fruits)

It is generally perceived that gingivitis is the result of deficiency of vitamin c. Hence those who are suffering from bleeding of gums are advised to intake lot of fruits that contain vitamin c. Fruits like lemon, orange and vegetable like broccoli, cabbage are some of the best sources of vitamin c naturally. One must have plenty of these fruits and vegetable to prevent and also cure bleeding of gums. Thus gums will be strengthened naturally

Drinking milk

Well some people hate drinking milk. But milk is considered to be one of the best solutions for reducing bleeding of gums. It is also rich in vitamin c and also has a lot of other micro-nutrients and minerals. It is also a very good source of fat. But it is also recommended to brush teeth after consuming milk as the fat from milk may be harmful for gums. Generally dentist advice that people must not drink milk one hour prior to going to bed.

Usage of clove oil

The usage of clove oil is considered to be very effective dealing with gingivitis and bleeding of gums since ancient times all around the world. Even chewing a piece of clove or applying a small amount of clove oil will really help in reducing the amount of pain and also very quickly strengthen and heal the gums.

Gargling using salt

Perhaps one of the most popular and well known methods to deal with bleeding gums and also any dental problem in general is gargling with salt. Parents always advise their kids to gargle with a lukewarm solution of salt and water. But the water must not be very hot else it may end up me scalding the gums!

Gargling using triphala

Triphala is extremely popular in India, ayurvedic form of medicine. It is used for making a variety of medicines. Even for bleeding of gums or gingivitis, triphala is used extensively for quick relief.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is also surprisingly a readily available homemade solution and remedy to deal with bleeding of gums. Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate. Its best used while brushing, like use the tooth brush dipped in baking soda before brushing.

Usage of a saline solution

Saline solution really improves the blood circulation in the dental system and also helps in fighting against infections, inflammations and gum swelling. Rinsing one’s mouth with a saline solution twice a day will really help in drastically reducing the problem of bleeding of gums.

Using raw vegetables

Eating raw vegetables may really freshen up the gum areas and increase the flow of blood towards them. Also it will gradually help in reducing the bleeding of gums by effectively healing the weak spots.

Cranberry juice

Some people say that, cranberry juice has got anti-bacterial properties. Also, it can help fighting against various gum related problems. But homemade cranberry juice is way better than market juices. Market juices contain lot of extra added preservatives and may do more harm than good!

Using tea tree oil

A lot of anti-bacterial properties and values can be easily found in original tea tree oil. Adding a couple of drops of tea tree oil into luke warm water and swishing around after brushing the teeth is considered as a very good option for healing the bleeding gums.

Usage of sage oil and peppermint oil

Various mouth washes contain sage oil along with other oils like peppermint oil and chamomile tincture in them. Toothpastes also contain these medicinal oils that help the gums and the entire dental system.

Using extra virgin oil

Oleic acid and other flavanoids contained in the extra virgin oil is what heals the gums to a great extent in problems like bleeding of gums. One spoon of extra virgin olive oil swished around the mouth for a couple of seconds can give wonderful effects. Then one must spit it away. This can be repeated for three times a day.

Black seed oil

Black seed is considered as miracle by many people in curing bleeding of gums effectively and permanently. It really helps in fighting away the bacteria and infections in the gums and the dental system.


Honey can also be effectively used against bleeding gums and gingivitis. Honey can be blended with crushed raw garlic and applied as a paste on the gums and even consumed. Also, ginger can be additional added to the combination. All of them have got anti-bacterial properties.

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