Home Remedies For Dry cough

A dry cough is also called unproductive cough. Usually, dry cough occurs due to climatic changes, smoking, excessive dust in the air, allergens and pollen. It is a defense mechanism of the body to get rid of the throat of any kind of blockages so that breathing becomes possible.

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Home Remedies For Dry Cough

Black pepper candies

Ingredients that can be used to cure the problem include caraway seeds and black pepper balls. Mix both caraway seeds and black pepper balls together and drink it. You will get relief quickly.

Turmeric powder

Usually, Turmeric powder is available at many medical stores. You can mix Turmeric powder with a little amount of honey. This mixture may serve as your cough syrup. You can drink this mixture 2- 3 times a day.


Water is one of best medicine for numerous conditions. Drink plenty of water; it will help to get rid of dry cough problem.

Hard Candy

When you cough you are getting pain in your throat. You can suck hard candy which will assist lubricate your throat by improving your saliva. Hard candy may relieve the throat and dry cough you are experiencing.

Ginger-Honey Juice

Ginger contains antimicrobial. When you mix a little amount in honey, this makes up a powerful and effective natural remedy. If you would like immediate relief from dry cough, you can drink this mixture 3 to 4 times a day.

Ginger Candies

If you do not have time to make the mixture of honey and ginger, you may take along some slices of the ginger with you. The juice from the slices of the ginger is a very powerful in treating dry cough.


Steaming is one of the best remedy to treat dry cough. You can boil water and add 3 or 4 eucalyptus oil drops. Then take steam with cover of towel. Keep steaming until hot water becomes cools. It will help loosen mucus and you will be able to get rid of dry cough from your throat.


One of the best home remedy to treat dry cough is Gargling with salt water. Slightly heat a glass of water, put this water in your mouth. Add 2 tps of salt in the water. Start gargling with the the mixture of salt and water. The warm water will treat the inflammation and the salt may kill the bacteria.

Tulsi leaves and Honey

Raw the leaves of tulsi with honey to treat dry coughs. Various folks consider that natural home remedy works as well for dry cough as the medicine. If you would like a natural and safe method of treating your cough, opt natural treatment options.

Others tips

  • It is very essential to avoid perfumes, sprays and smoke that could trigger irritation.
  • It is also essential to maintain sufficient air flow. Switch on the fans and keep the windows open if possible.

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