Home Remedies for Keloids

What are Keloids?

Keloids are nothing but scars that usually enlarge due to the abnormal growth of many fibrous tissues. Many forms of skin injuries and deformations like acne, minor burns, cuts, scrapes can all leave behind dangerous and permanent scars.

Over a period of time, when excessive or extra collagen begins to accumulate in the scars, automatically Keloids being to occur. Most of the times, these Keloids do not form any cause of pain. But most of the times, they result in itching and discomfort.

home remedies for keloids

Despite the fact that Keloids are not a major health issue or problem, it can haunt many lives since they result in so ugliness, embarrassment shame and complex. Also, no one would love to have an enlarged and ugly scar. Many people opt for expensive surgeries and other difficult treatments. Some also got to the extent of taking painful injections those who are really victims of these ugly scars and Keloids usually undertake surgical procedures and laser treatments to remove them completely and permanently.

Instead of opting for a very expensive surgery or treatment method, one can also undertake simple, inexpensive and natural methods to fight effectively against Keloids. Thus, you can actually eliminate Keloids at the comfort of your home without actually paying out much!

Let us look into some of the best possible natural remedies that can help an individual in fighting against Keloid scars.

Home Remedies for Keloids

1) Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the best methods to treat Keloids by the usage of apple cider vinegar since it really helps in minimizing the redness and the size of the scar. What one can do is apply the apple cider vinegar onto the affected area and massage the portion. This will help in absorbing the apple cider vinegar all inside the skin of the victim. Then it must be allowed to dry for a couple of minutes and then the process can be repeated again to fasten healing. Using this technique several times a day is recommended highly for a very quick result and response. The results will be visible very soon. Also, this can be done several times in a day.

Remember that if the apple cider vinegar is resulting in any form of skin irritation, one must dilute the vinegar with water.

2) Baking Soda

Strange, but it’s true! Baking soda goes a long way in fighting against Keloids!

Interestingly, what baking soda actually does is it exfoliates the skin, being an abrasive agent. Also, it can be used on a regular basis to keep Keloids under control. One must mix one part of baking soda with three parts of hydrogen peroxide to make a very smooth and soft paste. Then the paste can be applied directly to the affected area. This will make it possible for inflammation levels come down and speed up the actual healing process. Repeating this activity about 4-5 times in a day can give wonderful results!

3) Lemon Juice

Lemon is one of the most beneficial and productive things in the world. Apart from its extreme value and reputation in the food and beverages sector, lime does more than justice to its being labeled as a medicinal plant. The entire world knows that lemon is a very good source of anti-oxidants and the necessary vitamin C. Lemons help in treating various diseases and ailments. Vitamin C is especially known for its healing effect on scars.

Many people have reportedly experienced a huge difference in their Keloids by the mere usage of lemon.

The lemon juice has to be extracted from fresh lemons and has to be generously applied on the affected area. It has to be left for about half an hour and then the skin area must be washed away with lukewarm water. Repeat this process daily.

Within a couple of weeks, one will definitely notice a drastic difference or at least a considerable amount of difference in the level or magnitude of Keloid scars.

4) Aspirin

Aspirin is not only used during headaches or other health problems. Aspirin is also used for the treatment of Keloids. It can really help in reducing the scar’s appearance and size.

Take three to four aspirin tablets. Crush them completely and add a very small amount of water to it. Then stir to gradually make a smooth, thick paste out of it. Now this paste must be applied generously on the area which is affected by Keloids and it must be allowed to dry completely. After it is dried, wait for sometime and now gently rinse it off by lightly rubbing the area under water. After this, pat the area dry and it can be followed by an application no some pure tea tree oil or some really good olive oil. This process may be monotonous, by nature, but It can be repeated on a daily basis until Keloids is completely cured.

5) Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is globally popular for its medicinal properties and its healing powers. No doubt it is used widely across in various medicines, creams, cosmetic products and even food items like juices! This is very good for skin related problems and can be easily used in a variety of treatments related to skin disorders. Hence it can also be very effectively used in the treatment of Keloids.

Aloe Vera can basically reduce the magnitude of the inflammation and will help in keeping the skin moisturized and it also heals and cures the damaged skin! Also, it has got a very strong quality of healing and curing skin infections

6) Sandalwood and Rose water

Sandalwood and rose water has been used since olden times in the Asian countries for effectively fighting against various skin disorders. Even Keloids can be effectively cured by sandalwood paste and rose water applications.

7) Onion Extract

Onion extract is natures cure for scar treatment. It stops the scar from its formation and growing. Get onion juice extract and apply the same over the keloid scars few times in a day.

8) Fuller’s Earth

As its widely known, Fuller’s Earth has been used as face pack and cleansers from older times. It can also be used in treatment of Keloid scars. Make a paste of Fuller’s Earth, Lemon Juice and Rose Water and apply it over infected area. Allow the paste to dry and keep it for 10-15 mins. Then, clean the affected area with cold water. Repeat the process daily until the scars disappears.

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