Home Remedies for Large Pores

It is indeed embarrassing and humiliating to have large pores especially on the face. This is a great reason that attributes towards the reduction in the natural beauty or attraction of a face and will automatically sideline an individual’s face towards being ugly and unattractive.

Pores are nothing but follicles on the skin that is prevalent all over the body in all human beings. It becomes a problem only when it gets enlarged, that is the pores get enlarged due to various reasons and multiple factors.

We will be discussing some methods which are practiced predominantly in all parts of the world in order to tackle this skin problem.

Home Remedies for Large Pores

1) Washing Regularly 

Pores get enlarged when they become clogged with dirt, oil, bacteria and other unwanted things. They collectively cause the pores to be inflamed. Washing your face regularly will help to a great extent in removing all the dirt.

But one must be careful not to overdo it. Just because washing is important doesn’t imply that the face must be washed every hour. Only twice a day would be sufficient and more than enough. Washing once in the morning and once in the evening or night is considered ideal or most appropriate. This will eventually and ultimately help in keeping your pores look smaller. The face will also feel much better than before.

2) Ice Cubes Application

The face can be soothed and gently pressed against using ice cubes generously. The application of ice cubes on the facial skin will really help in tightening the facial skin and also the tightening will be evident very soon if the ice cubes are gently rubbed and massaged against the skin for about 15-30 seconds.

 3) Baking soda paste

Another famous remedy for large holes or pores in the facial skin is the application of baking soda. A lot of celebrities, stars, actors and actresses are known to use the baking soda to reduce the problem of large pores. IT also helps in fighting against acne. However, people with a sensitive skin may use baking soda with precaution as it may also have various side effects or other repercussions.

What one can really do is mix equal parts of baking soda and warm water into a paste and massage the paste into the pores gently and softly for about 30-45 seconds. Then the individual may wash the face using cool water. For the primary or initial week, it can be done regularly every night and thereafter, it can be done for around 3-4 days in a week.

4) Washcloth drenched with lime and pineapple juice extracts

Some people may laugh at this procedure. But those people fail to realize the actual power lemon naturally holds in the reduction of pores and the shrinkage of pored, especially the pores on the facial skin.

What one can do in a very cost effective manner against the larger or large pores on the facial skin is drenching a washcloth or a small handkerchief or a towel with lime juice / lime juice extracts and also pine apple juice extracts. Then the drenched cloth can be put and rubbed against the face for a minute or so. This is because as discussed earlier, lemon has a unique and a very special power and ability to cleanse and shrink the appearance of pores on the individual’s face.

5) Usage of scrubs

Some people use scrubs to as their faces. A Scrub usually contains very small or miniscule massaging components in it (like extremely small and finely grounded pieces of apricot) which actually helps in and assists in the process of unclogging of the pores on the facial skin.

But one must pay attention to a fact that the face must not be washed again and again after a scrub. This may lead to the development of redness on the skin. It might do more harm than good. So one must always be careful about not overdoing anything. Either one must use a scrub or wash his face in a simple way.

6) Application of Yoghurt

Yoghurt, apart from being extremely edible and also nutritious and palatable is also used for various homemade remedies and home based techniques to cure various ailments. Even in the problem or larger pores on the skin and especially the facial skin, yoghurt can be applied without any cost or side effect or harm. One must apply a very thin layer of yoghurt for about 5-10 minutes.

Keeping for more than 5-10 minutes may cause or result into some of reactions in some people. Yoghurt is applied because it contains lactic acid and probiotic. Probiotics and lactic acid when applied to the skin can really help in reducing and keeping away the bacteria that gives rise to acne. Thus, in the overall run, yoghurt proves to be extremely beneficial against larger pores.

7) Diet and food habits
Interestingly a lot of attached is importance has been attached in the recent times to the development of pores with the intake and consumption of food. You diets must comprise of foodstuff that is really rich in lean proteins and omega 3 fatty acids. Yu can easily eat whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and reduce sugar aerated rinks and replace the cold drink intake with normal and natural plain water.

Excessive or regular milk and milk products is said to indirectly aggravate acne in some people. Indulge in food stuff that is rich in Vitamin A, B and C. Vitamin c especially takes care of the facial skin. It can help in a great way to fight against scars, wrinkles and lines. Even oranges for that matter help in the production of finer skin and the redevelopment and rebuilding of collagen. This drastically increases’s the elasticity of the skin and thus ultimately reduces the pores in the skin!!

8) Tomatoes / Oranges/ Sandalwood

Alternatively a lot of natural fruits and products help in a greater way in reducing the pores in the skin. Sandalwood is also famous for being extremely effective in the shrinkage of larger pores in the skin.


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