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Sleeping problem is a common problem among people who have high blood pressure, depression or anxiety. According to a new study by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine that adults should sleep 8 to 9 hours per night to maintain a health. In our day-to-day routine, tension has become one of the most frustrating habits now a day. And this bad habit is leading to various problems that have no treatment. One of these problems is Insomnia which occurs due to lack of quality of sleep. Generally, you face interrupted sleep patterns in the early morning or the middle of the night. Taking more than 2 sleepless nights can lead abnormally fatigues state of mind. Moreover, it may lead to various other disturbing attitudes such as depression, irritating behavior and many illnesses like cold and flu. In some cases, it may also result in delusions, psychosis and hallucinations.

home remedies for sleep

Insomnia (lack of quality of sleep) can be caused by several factors such as financial worries, depression, job stress due to anything, drug or alcohol use, caffeine, sleep deprivation, hyperthyroidism due to a noisy environment.

According to the study, 50 to 80 million Americans suffer from insomnia due to one or the other reason. Over-the-counter medications are the simplest way-out for various people, and it is very unfortunate to say that these folks in order to get relief from insomnia are getting the shelter of various adverse side-effects of sleeping pills such as:

  • Violent outbursts
  • Sleepwalking
  • Driving while asleep
  • Hallucinations

These sleeping pills are very harmful that they can affect your life! If we want a good sleep at night, you can get rid of the insomnia with a healthy habits and healthy diet.

Home Remedies For Sleep

1. Avoid heavy meals – If you want to sleep well in night, you need to avoid heavy meals or there should be a gap of 2-3 hours between your meal and going to bed. You should walk after dinner as walk help the food to get digested.

2. You need to avoid spicy food and deep fried as much as possible.

3. One of the best natural home remedies for sleep is to drink milk before your bedtime. Alternatively, you may add some honey in milk. Various people use this natural remedy effectively to get rid of their insomnia. Warm milk may soothe your nervous system.

4. Mix one tablespoon of honey in a cup of celery juice. Drink this solution every night before bedtime.

5. You can use the milk extracts of poppy seeds and add some sugar in it. Take this solution just before going to bed.

6. You can try mashing ripe bananas and mix it in cumin seeds. You may eat this mixture before sleeping.

7. You can mix Pulverize nutmeg in your drink. Take this mixture before going to bed.

8. You can grind the root of pippali and you may take 1 tps of pippali can be taken before bed time. Plus, you can also mix pippali with a cup of warm milk.

9. You can also drink tea made from herbs such as chamomile or lavender. You need to mix honey in tea and drink this solution before bed time.

10. You can drink the juice of an herbal remedy known as valerian wallichi before bed time. This has a very effective home remedy for sleep.

11. Various people are suffering from insomnia problems because they do their work at home and then can’t stop thinking and worrying about their work. We don’t mean that you should not bring work home, but you can bring work home with you if required to but don’t bring work into the bedroom. Actually, the bedroom requires to be kept clutter free. It will definitely help you relax.

12. You can also do a little exercise every day like riding your bike or taking a walk. Doing a little exercise every day may help to relieve your stress and can get rid of insomnia.

13. A binaural beat therapy treatment was very popular for a time with sleeping problem sufferers. This treatment took 2 different signals. The only disadvantage to this therapy was the need to wear headphones while sleeping.

14. You should eat healthy meals and stick to it because healthy meal is easy to digest. The easy digestion is very essential for your mind and brain to function properly. Various folks who have sleeping problem find that poor digestion is the reason they are having insomnia. Healthy food is one of the best natural home remedies for sleep that some individuals avoid, but it will be the answer to your sleeping problems.

15. You may try a naturally manufactured product know as Serenite-LT. Serenite-LT helps induce the patterns of sleep and can definitely help blissful sleep. Plus, this product can also improve your disposition by maintaining the serotonin level. This product uses a combination of biochemical and herb tissue salts that are manufactured in an FDA-approved facility and supervised by the authorities of medical.

Natural ways like natural remedies for sleeping problem and a natural product like Serenite-LT can get rid of the sleeping problem than prescription medication. You should try these safe and natural remedies first before using any aggressive methods. So, why not try these home remedies? These safe and natural remedies might be the treatment that you have been seeking for. Moreover, you need to bring many changes in your life and avoid the tensions and the worries of your day to day routine life. Only then you can get a sweet sleep!

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