Home remedies for Tonsillitis

We all have had those bad days when we could not even drink a single drop of water due to the extreme pain in the throat. Tonsillitis is caused by a virus and a lot of symptoms like running nose, headache, nasal congestion, extreme sneezing and coughing can all be found for tonsillitis. Some people take the extreme step of removing the tonsils from the body. Yet, these secret enzymes and liquids are necessary for the body.

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Instead of operating upon the tonsil stones, one must focus on improving the bad lifestyle habits. Most of the times, tonsils occurs due to a lackadaisical approach towards health.

  1.  Excessive indulgence in drinking chilled water, cold drinks and aerated juices
  2.  Excessive intake of thick yogurt during night
  3.  Going out unprotected in the rain and thereby allowing to enter the body
  4.  Poor body resistance
  5.  Vulnerability to bacteria

There are several natural remedies that can work in a case of tonsillitis. One must always remember that natural and herbal medicines and products are always much more effective than allopathic medicines. Also, they are cheap and affordable. They don’t have any side effects on the consumers.

Home Remedies for Tonsillitis

Basil leaves

Basil leaves or tulsi are known to be extremely effective against all diseases and ailments like cough, cold, fever, headache, chest congestion, tonsillitis, etc. With great properties like anti-bacterial, anti-biotic nature of the holy basil leaves are used extensively for the production of medicines and cosmetics. These holy basil leaves can be chewed raw. The juice is extremely good and will help in fighting against virus and bacteria present in the tonsil area. On top of that, it greatly adds to the resistance power of the body


Garlic is considered as tamasic or a food item that is responsible for arousing sexuality. Also, many people avoid it since the mouth smells bad after consuming garlic. Even the sweat of a person consuming too much garlic will smell very bad.

But the medicinal and anti-bacterial properties of garlic have been grossly underestimated by most of the people. Garlic is also known to have anti-cancer properties and helps in a great way in strengthening the resistance power of our body. It can be consumed in hot soups or curries or raw sauces and consumed as food. It really kills all the bacteria and the virus present in the dental system and the throat. This will effectively reduce the magnitude of tonsillitis


Gargling with a solution of salt and lukewarm or slightly warm water is perhaps one of the most preferred home remedies in the world as far as tonsillitis and dental problems are concerned. Not only it is easy to follow and practice, but it is done for free of cost and gives a lot of relief. One can gargle for about 3 times a day or even more than that if one wishes to.

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Herbal tea

Herbal tea can really bring a considerable difference in tonsillitis. The throat will begin to clear up slowly. One can drink hot herbal teas 3-4 times a day to curb the magnitude of tonsillitis. This one is the best home remedies for tonsillitis, along with fortifying your body immune system.

Black pepper

Black pepper is considered to be one of the best natural things available against problems like cough, cold, throat infections, etc. The combination of ginger, garlic, honey and black pepper is notorious for driving out all sorts of throat infections. It instantly brings a burning effect to your throat and all the unwanted phlegm starts coming out in the form of cough. It may have a burning effect on ones tongue and stomach. But black pepper is also extremely effective in throat related problems.


Ginger is also undoubtedly one of the best natural items available on earth today that is extremely medicinal, cheap, effective, anti-bacterial, increase longevity and resistance power of the body. Ginger can be crushed and black pepper can be added to the crushed mixture and consumed raw. One must chew it properly. The taste will be very bad, but it has the power of more than a thousand pills!


Honey can be added to the hot mixture of ginger/garlic/black pepper. With the addition of honey, the mixture becomes all the more palatable and it becomes possible to feed the children.

Drink Hot Soups

Drinking hot soups like Chinese soups that contain a lot of pepper, garlic and ginger will obviously cause your noses to run, but will also melt away all those unwanted phlegm from your tonsils, which is giving shelter to lots of viruses that has caused acute pain in the tonsils.

Stay in a warm environment

It is recommended that a person suffering from tonsillitis must stay away from AC, fan and other similar cold climatic conditions. In fact, it is considered as appropriate if tonsils patient skips his shower! Yes he or she can bath, but must refrain from washing the head. Water contact to the body must be strictly prohibited.

Small Onion

Small onions are like dangerous dacoits against the bad throat or throat infections and tonsillitis. A very famous combination of salt, raw chopped small onions and black pepper will instantly drive away even the worst of tonsillitis!

Hence, before jumping into a solution of removing away your tonsillitis in a hasty manner just because of a small bout of virus infection and tonsillitis is utter foolishness. Instead, one can anytime take the help of the aforesaid remedies and even create his or her own solutions using the medicinal items like ginger, garlic, black pepper, holy basil (tulsi), salt, turmeric, small onion, honey etc.

One can also drink expectorant allopathic cough syrups and pills .But one must ensure that they are expectorants and not some medicine that dries cough away!

Hence, there are many solutions and home remedies for tonsillitis. One can choose his or her preferred method or remedy and reduce the problem in a short period of time!


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