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What is Ringworm?

In scientific terms Ringworm is known as ‘Dermatophytosis’. It is a common term for a common skin infection. The fungal infection on the skin is called ringworm, as the infection appears as a round or ring like in shape. Some pets such as Cats or dogs can be a source of transmitting this condition to humans. However, this condition is common among the children; anyone may be affected by Ringworm.

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Causes of Ringworm

  • Using unwashed clothes
  • Sharing combs of infected people
  • Through cuts or scratches in the skin
  • Pets
  • Swimming pool
  • Affects damp areas where sweating is general

Here are some important home remedies on how to treat ringworm in the home that actually works. You should know the application, best mixture and when best to utilize the remedy to be able to begin seeing results on your affected skin.

Home remedies for ringworm

1. Holy Basil

One of the remedies available in our home is holy basil, which will be utilized to get rid of the ringworm. You need to extract the juice of the holy basil leaves and apply on the infected skin area until you start observing best results in a few days; you should apply this juice on a daily basis.

2. Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seed is another excellent home remedy to treat ringworm. You need to add a plenty of water to powdered mustard seed and make a thick solution and apply on the affected skin area and leave for 35 minutes. In last, wash off the paste with fresh water.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the best home remedies for ringworm. The best thing about this home remedy is that Turmeric can be used both externally and internally. For external use, you need to apply the juice from fresh raw turmeric on the infected skin area. For internal use, you need to mix 1 tsp of honey with 1 tsp of turmeric juice and take every morning.

4. Papaya

You need to apply the juice of the raw papaya on the affected areas of the skin. You may also apply the peel of papaya on the skin, which is affected by ringworm and keep the peel of papaya tied to the skin like a bandage. This remedy may give a cooling effect, which may decrease the itching.

5. Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass tea is one of the excellent home remedies to reduce the infection and itchiness. You should drink a cup of lemongrass tea 2- 3 times in a day. You can also apply the utilized lemongrass tea bags on the ringworm frequently. It will provide relief to your affected skin area.

6. Myrrh

Myrrh is another best home remedy to treat the ringworm. You need to make a paste from Myrrh by combining equal components of goldenseal and myrrh. You need to add a few drops of fresh water to this mixture and stir it. Apply this paste on the infected part of skin!

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

With the use of the apple vinegar in your meal, you can also reduce blood pressure problems. To use apple vinegar effectively, apply this remedy to the affected area with a cotton ball 3-5 times in a day. Dermatologists recommended that affected people can apply apple cider vinegar 3-5 times for 3 days, will provide you the best outcomes. It has been clinically proven that this remedy will completely reduce this infection on the skin.

8. Garlic Extract

Garlic can be used to treat ringworm. This fungal infection agent shows promise in curing ringworm if applied on a regular basis. Many studies claim that Garlic is best solution to get rid of this fungal infection. You should peel a clove and cut the clove into slices. You need to place these slim slices on the infected area of skin and wrap a bandage around the slices. If you would like to get better results, you have to leave it over night. Alternatively, you want to make a thick paste of it and apply the paste on the affected area, go for it!

9. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an excellent home remedy to cure this fungal infection. It can be used for treating various other skin conditions. Take the gel from this remedy and apply the gel directly on the affected skin. If you want to get best result, you need to leave the gel on overnight and wash the affected area in the morning. Apply this remedy every day till you are treated of the ringworm.

10. Coconut Oil

The healing properties found in coconut oil are very effective in curing the fungal infections. Coconut oil is an ingredient which can be found in your kitchen. The coconut oil provides relief from itchiness while making the affected area soft and smooth. This home remedy can also use to treat scalp ring worms. You should apply the coconut oil on the skin and leave it on overnight. By using coconut oil you can eliminate build-up and residue of the ringworm. This problem can become aggravated. If your skin is dry, then itching problem can cause bleeding and eruptions of the skin. This problem can be prevented by keeping the skin supple by the application of coconut oil.

11. Lavender Oil and Jojoba Oil

Both Lavender Oil and Jojoba Oil are the safest home remedy to cure this problem. You need to mix a teaspoon of jojoba oil with one drop of lavender oil. Apply this solution with a clean cotton ball on the infected area of the skin.

12. Colloidal Silver

This is an excellent antibiotic as well as it is 100% natural. Colloidal Silver assists in reducing many dangerous microorganisms. It is very beneficial to get rid of the ringworm. Apply this remedy on the infected area, thrice a day. Colloidal Silver can be in liquid or gel form.

You can drink lots of vegetable soups with spinach, radish and carrots in them as essential ingredients. These vegetable soups will reduce the infection that causes ringworm.


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