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Constipation can be defined as a problem that affects the digestive system which make bowel movements difficult and stools to be passed hard. It is not a dreaded disease, but it does make going to the toilet difficult. Constipation is common and found in children, pregnant women and old people.

home remedies for constipation

Constipation could lead to side effects like headache, loss of energy or enthusiasm to do the work. Constipation does affect anyone at any time. It is regarded as a pretty common thing in one’s life. Constipation can be debilitating if it goes on with your life. The better you would feel if treated at an early stage without making it develop into severe complications.

Reasons for Constipation

1) Not sufficient liquids in the body
2) Old age
3) Travelling
4) Poor diet
5) Irritable bowel syndrome
6) Lack of exercise
7) Diseases such as lupus and sclerosis
8) Anxiety
9) Excessive intake of calcium or iron
10) Pregnancy

Before you run to the drug store, you can try some of the following home remedies that can relieve you from the discomfort that is causing and prevents it from coming back.

Some Home Remedies used to cure Constipation

1) Taking boysenberry juice helps to create a natural laxative movement on your bowel. This juice can help in the movement of things in the colon and prevent any further constipation.

2) Fruits like cantaloupe can help with constipation. The fruit contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C. It has a good amount of fiber and helps with constipation.

3) Use of flax-seed oil is a good remedy for constipation. Taking 1 to 2 teaspoons of the oil mixed in water after lunch or dinner can solve the problem.

4) Take 6 pieces of dates, soaked in a hot glass of water. Drink the water and then eat the dates.

5) Having a glass of warm water in which you need to add 1 teaspoon honey and ½ lime and having it daily in the morning can help with constipation.

6) Having 1/3 to ½ cup of walnuts can give good bowel movement. Having it on a daily basis can keep constipation away.

7) It is said that chickweed is a great herb that gives quick relief against constipation. It strengthens the stomach and the bowels and helps in movement of waste. This herb is considered one of the best home remedy for constipation.

8) Use of olive oil is good for health as it not only is healthy and tasty but also helps in relieving constipation. Olive oil does help in reducing fat too. It helps in digesting the food and helps in digestion so that things could move from the colon. You need to have 1 teaspoon of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix both and have it daily in the morning.

9) Black molasses could turn out to be a sweet saviour for people who suffer from constipation. When molasses are boiled for the third time, it gets crystallized into amount having vitamins, minerals and magnesium which helps in constipation. It is sweet and tasty and loved by people due to its flavor.

10) Having coffee early in the morning have given you perk and refreshment in the morning. Caffeine is a natural stimulant that is used for the digestion process. Having 1-2 cups of coffee in a way can make you get moving. Drinking an excess of coffee can cause constipation by dehydrating the body and taking water from the body that would soften the stool. Cut down on excessive coffee, tea, alcohol as these can make constipation worse.

11) Doing exercises can get you moving. Nowadays lifestyle followed has affected the food habits of people and has caused many health problems in a person’s life. Moving the body can keep the muscle in the colon moving too. Always keep in mind that you got to wait an hour after every meal taken before you do any exercise. You can also get involved in stretching exercises and workouts that help in the movement of stools from the body. Doing various forms of yoga does help in getting reliving from constipation.

12) An old age tradition is having a teaspoon of ghee mixed in hot milk before going to bed is a good remedy for constipation.

13) Consuming oranges daily is good as it contains Vitamin C and fiber which helps in having constipation.

14) Not the last, drinking at least 3 liters of water can keep the body hydrated and can help in good bowel movement.

Toileting routines to follow during constipation

It is seen that many people suppress the feeling to go to the toilet. This could be either they are busy or help up with some other work. This could result in a backlog of stools which gets difficult to pass later. You need to make sure you empty your bowel or you could get pain that you have to carry on until you pass it outside.


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