Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection

Our body is a complex mechanism which is composed of innumerable organs that perform a lot of hybrid functions. This is done in harmony so, we scarily become aware of what is going on in our body until one day, a single organ starts to malfunction and this causes a great amount of discomfort for the individual. One such kind of sickness is the UTI or the Urinary Tract Infection. Its also known as Cystitis.

The UTI or bladder infection is caused when the bacteria existing in the urinary tract approaches the bladder or kidney or the ureters or urethra. Basically, this is a painful and critical disease which can become lethal in the later stages if they are neglected. Women are more commonly affected by such disease when compared to men. Now the basic symptom of this disease is the burning sensation or urine retention’s. Sometimes there would be traces of blood, which is accompanied by cloudy urine or strong by the olfactory system. Frankly, these are the common symptoms of UTI.

The bacteria which remain in the digestive tract would block the urethra’s opening, sexual encounter pushes the bacteria into the urethra, and even having different sexual partners are some of the basic reasons on how UTI occurs.

Home Remedies and Natural Treatment In Treating Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

The following are some of the basic home remedies for UTI which is natural and have no side-effects:

• Baking Soda:- This is an effective remedy for UTI as it has the basic property of neutralizing the acidity which is found in the urine. Just by consuming one tablespoon of baking soda along with a glass of water will just remove off the symptoms and even prevent the disease coming again in the future.

• Blueberry:- This is one of the best and effective remedies for UTI. It has the unique property to avoid and prevent the development of the bacteria causing the Urinary Tract Infection. In case if you don’t get blueberry juice, then you could add a dash of normal shredded berries along with your morning breakfast.

• Pineapples:- Pineapples have got a certain kind of enzymes know as Bromelain. If you consume regularly a cup of pineapple, it would assist you in curing the UTI infection that you suffer from.

• Water:- Drinking a lot of water or hydrotherapy can help in curing the UTI naturally. Having eight glasses of water daily is best for your health and curing UTI. Hot water when gets settled to the lower abdomen, it slowly reduces the excessive pain which happens due to the infection.

• Vitamin C:- An effective way of fighting and keeping UTI at bay is consuming foodstuffs rich in Vitamin C. The Vitamin C has the basic property in keeping the bladder healthy. It is done by easily acidifying the urine, which would in turn prevent the bacteria from growing. Some of the common food items rich in vitamin C are guavas, bananas, pineapples, papaya, raspberries, melons, kiwifruit, watermelon, tomato, etc.

Cranberry Juice:- Another best and common means to avoid UTI is cranberry juice. This is a natural medicine which prevents the bacteria from sticking to the cells that lie on the lines and walls of the urinary passage. You could consume cranberry juice as a direct liquid food or you could mix it with apple juice so that you can enhance the taste.

• Aromatherapy:- This is another effective remedy or means to fight with the UTI. Various oils like tea tree oil, sandalwood oil, juniper oil, bergamot oil, etc. are mixed and the given content is rubbed on the area near the bladder. You need to continue applying this for four to five days until the symptoms disappear.

• Fresh Juice:- Various fresh juices are the best effective and natural remedy for curing the UTI. Most individuals especially women like to have fresh blueberry juice as a part of their diet as it helps in developing the immunization while fighting against the UTI.

In the same way, as the famous saying goes about that prevention is better than cure, you do need to cut out some of the foods which are the number one causing irritation for your urinary bladder. Various food items like caffeine, spicy food, cigarette, alcohol, etc. are quite harmful. People who have UTI need to abstain from consuming soda, beer, etc. Even refined food products like flour and ready-made bakery products have a high concentration of sugar and fat, which have to be avoided.

The same can be said about artificial sugar like Aspartame. It has to be avoided by patients who are suffering from a UTI. Such type of sugar is consumed by people who are suffering from diabetics. In addition, juices are quite a good source of antioxidants and they are quite useful in removing alien bacteria from your body. Carrot juice, lemon juice, sugar cane juice, tender coconut juice, etc. need to be consumed at regular basis and this can prevent and control the UTI.

Even a cup of radish juice can help in providing a great amount of relief from the UTI. Even ideal supplements like punarnava, shilajit, etc can help in healing your UTI. Some people consume the juice of the banana stem as it is the best means to get rid of the urinary infection. In case if you are not getting any kind of relief, then it is better if you opt for the treatment of a good doctor or physician.


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