How to reduce body heat naturally

A normal human’s body temperature should be around 36.9 C. It does not matter, what the external conditions of the weather are like, the human’s body temperature is really maintained for the working of the body.

how to reduce body heat naturally

Body heat is not a malady or manifestation of any sort of infection. Rather it is a indication that your body is struggling with ailment and sickness. However, high temperatures in body can be an indication of serious illness. Regularly if we do any laborious work, our body will produce more heat. Frequently, certain ailments fever or contamination for instance might be the cause of high body temperature. Also, if body is under medication or drugs might increase the body temperature.

Reasons for Body Heat

  • Physical exercise or Strenuous workout
  • Illnesses or ailments such as infections or fever
  • Medical conditions such as muscular and seizures disabilities

How to Reduce Body Heat Naturally at Home


When you first contract extreme body heat, drink good amount of cold drinking water. Take a half container of cold water and if needed add some ice cubes as well. A sometime, dip your feet in the container. Continue to keep your feet inside the container for 15-20 minutes. You will be feeling great after doing this.

Poppy Seeds

You can consume a little amount of poppy seeds to dispose of intemperate body heat. Although be cautious that you are not taking it in a huge amount. Poppy seeds are not good for the youngsters, so be alarmed and not allow kids to take any poppy seeds.

Butter & Buttermilk

With one glass of warm milk, blend two tablespoons of butter. Drink this in regular intervals. But make sure you don’t have cholesterol issues before trying this remedy. Similarly, you can have a glass of buttermilk in summers which would reduce your body heat considerably.

Pomegranate Juice & Almond Oil

Take little amount of almond oil and pomegranate juice in a container. Mix the same and have the drink every morning. It will reduce your body heat.


One of the most ideal approaches to decrease body temperature is utilizing cardamom. It has an extraordinary quality to diminish your body heat. Cardamom has been utilized from the antiquated period as a home solution for some well-being issues.


Peaches or dried peaches can be a decent characteristic source to lessen body temperature. It has potassium, B2 and vitamin A that can be helpful to control body heat. You can take one or two peaches in a day. It will present to you the most extreme result.

Honey & Milk

Get a glass of cold milk and mix one tablespoon of honey in it. You can likewise make a paste with the greens wood, water and milk and apply the paste on your forehead. It will help decrease your body heat.

Watermelon & Coconut Water

Watermelon can be consumed to reduce body temperature. Watermelon contains ingredients that can absorb the body heat. Also, a glass of coconut water can rehydrate your body and get the temperature lowered.


Apricot can be used as replacement of water. It can satisfy your thirst and along with that decrease body heat. If you take a glass of apricot every morning, excessive body temperature is not an issue any more.

Some high body heat symptoms

When you see a pimple popping out, you by and large say that it is the body heat which is tossing out. The typical body temperature of an individual is 98.6 degrees which continues differing with slight progressions. This temperature is kept up independent of the climate.

You can have nourishment’s like watermelon, cucumber, honeydew lemon, radish, mint and so forth to lessen body warm characteristically. Then again, it is essential to stay hydrated. It not just helps your insusceptible framework and scrubs the body, yet water kills the body’s temperature and makes ordinary. There are numerous solid liquids that can decrease body warm as they give a cooling impact.

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