How To Use Castor Oil For Constipation Relief

Most of us already know that the use of castor oil has lots of benefits to our body externally as well as internally. Since ancient times castor oil is being used for constipation and bowel problems. Although, there are certain side effects from the use of castor oil, the benefits weigh more and even many doctors also prescribe castor oil as a medicine.

castor oil for constipation

Castor oil is obtained from a plant known Ricinus Communis. The seeds contain an ingredient known as the Ricin which is dangerous to our health. The Ricin is a killing agent, which will kill us if consumed. Hence, one must be careful with the use of castor oil and purchase the right kind and never try to eat the fruit or the seeds which can be fatal.


Using castor oil for constipation

The benefits of the use of castor oil for constipation are seen for a long time and was used quite often in many households before, but people use it less due to lack of its values. Consuming the castor oil will help to stimulate the small intestine and large intestine to relieve the wastes out of the body. Castor oil is a strong agent that cleanses the colon off the fecal matters. The castor oil retains the moisture in the small and the large intestine, which makes it easier for bowel movements.

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The use of castor oil for constipation is very effective and the dosage is usually about one tablespoon for adults and one teaspoon fro children. It has a very bitter taste and might be difficult to drink and swallow, which may leave bad taste on the tongue and in the throat. Giving even a tiny spoon of castor oil to children can be a very difficult situation. In such case you can mix it with orange or prune juice for children and drink it. No doubt, you may also have to close the nose of the children, as the smell may make them throw up as soon as they drink it.

After about 4-6 hours it is more likely to cause an explosive diarrhea and there is a possibility of the need to use the toilets more than once. Hence it is advisable to stay in the close premises of an easy accessibility of toilets when you are on the medication of the castor oil for constipation.

Working Mechanism of castor oil for constipation

The maximum amount of the content of castor oil is a fatty acid known as the ricinoleic acid, which is the main reason for a smooth movement along the surface of the muscles of the intestines. This oil mixes with the receptors and causing strong contractions.

Side effects of Castor Oil

Although the castor oil is strongly recommended for constipation, it still cause some of the side effects.  If you have any one of the below side effects, stop using the castor oil and contact your doctor.

  1. Castor oil is not good if you are a pregnant women as it may cause minor stomach irritation and may cause problems for the baby.
  2. Stomach/abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and weakness are some of the most commonly seen side effects which may not stay longer. In case if it worsens, see your doctor the first thing.
  3. You may have to stop the use of the oil if there are any signs of allergies, vomiting, rashes, itching, dizziness, muscle cramps and any other unusual health problems.


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